How to do Online Voting in Bigg Boss 11?

Bigg boss 10 opening is very successful as expected by the Indian audience.There is soo much of noise when the show Bigg Boss 11 Voting Polls is confirmed after so much of controversy going about the show, but the BB team successfully managed the opening of the show.The names are awesome and known . Most of the faces of housemates are known and rest are the common people.Finally,the shows goes online,you can watch the online episodes of the show also at your home or anywhere.Manveer Gujar will become the ultimate champion of this season. This os to be announced at the finale episode of bigg boss season 10.

After so many Controversies this show will soon announce their winner on the upcoming Sunday. The Winner is among the top 4 contestants left in the house.

Wants to Know Voting Polls Of Bigg Boss 11?




The most surprising thing I noticed that all the contestants are dressed up in the same manner, this may be the season theme.So now the excitement has begun with the show.


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